Skin Conditions Treatment Guide

If you are suffering from certain skin conditions and unsure what the best way to treat them, we have put a guide together a guide to the available treatment options that will be right for you.

All treatments will require initial consult prior to appointment. 

If you are suffering from active acne or oily skin, you can try one or more of the following treatments to assist;

Combination Treatments & Their Benefits

  • Dermaplanning Followed By Hydrafacial – Removes dead skin cells and facial hair allowing better product absorption, hydrating, and detoxifying the skin
  • Hydrafacial Pre Vascular Laser – The Hydrafacial treatment prepares the tissue for treatment by increasing blood supply, enhancing the therapeutic effects of the laser vascular treatment
  • FSR + Deluxe Hydrafacial + LED – Prepares the skin for any cosmetic procedures creating collagen and elastin, helping enhance any injectable results by improving skin tone, texture and integrity
  • Epidermal Levelling followed by Laser Hair Removal on the Face – To reduce possible change of hairs in women, especially during the pre-menopausal or hormonal phase

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